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I lost 19lbs over 12 weeks, and keep in mind this was during the summer months!! I didn't completely shut myself off from BBQ's and camping snacks, but I definitely learned what my body liked and didn't like. It's easy for me to get up earlier and I'm not so groggy at nighttime! I've also noticed I spend a lot more time with my family, rather than on my phone. Before we would eat and then sit in the couch and play on our phones... for the past 2 months, at least, we have been talking and going for walks and playing with the kids! I've also managed to somehow keep my house way cleaner than before, it's all of this new energy!!

- Desaray M.

** Client lost 14.2 lbs, and 12.75 inches in 8 weeks**


I feel very proud of what I did in the past 8 weeks and so happy I have taken this step towards a healthy life for me and my family! Feels good to be back into healthy eating and better choices rather than feeling stuck in a funk.

- K.H

** Client lost 17lbs, and 10.75 inches in 12 weeks**


Beforehand, I would always feel bloated, "weighed down", and tired after I ate. During this program I experienced a complete 180! I have way more energy and feel fueled after eating. The meals were so amazing and easy to prepare! I love how you tailored the program to my lifestyle.

- Ashleigh G.

** Client lost 6lbs, and 7 inches in 4 weeks**

The 4 week meal plan introduced healthy flexible eating habits that have stuck with me! You've helped me enjoy foods that nurture my body! I find I'm not being so hard on myself when I enjoy fun foods because I know I'll be right on track the next meal.

- Jessie H.

** Client lost 11.4lbs, and 22 inches in 4 weeks**

I know myself and I'd typically use "busy" as an excuse for not being able to eat right so this process has taught me so much! I'm really happy with the results from this month

- N.J.

** Client lost 6lbs, and 13 inches in 4 weeks**

My energy level has been awesome! I'm not sleeping in all day anymore. Your program is the only one that I actually enjoyed and have seen results from.


- B.P.

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